Friday, 16 December 2016


Readings from the author's selected works, including his most fanciful and otherworldly books, In Watermelon Sugar and Trout Fishing in America. Literary works are interspliced with field recordings: two sections of "sounds from my life," a mundane phone call, and a seemingly unscripted vignette of Richard ordering coffee. Wonderful.

Dream it...


  1. This was supposed to have been released on The Beatles' Zapple label as Zapple3. It's a pity the label was canned when it was, They were about to delve into some interesting literary waters, Bukowski, Ginsberg, Charles Olson, etc.

  2. thanks i love early braut
    do u know the story that when he was writing his last novel. he told someone "sssh" i don't want my novel to know i am here. its trying to kill me." he committed suicide 2 days (?) later. that is my paraphrase iwill look it up its in a book called episodes by pierre delattre. which is a good book of lived dreams by the way

  3. Thanks for comments.
    Rev--I heard about Zapple imprint. Perhaps a lost chance at innovations in spoken word? I dunno. I think the genre would not have really taken off regardless, and I am just happy that Brautigan's was released at all. I remain a fan of recorded literature and will post more sometime soon.

    Robert: I read his daughter's memoire, which corroborates similar stories. Thanks for the recommendation on Delattre.