Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Time slows to viscous trickle around here. Days, nights come and go imperceptibly. The dog lays unmoving on the floor. The employees stare blankly at their screens. We fight to keep going.

Joe Frank (1938-2018) made over 230 hours of distinct, mindblowing radio works for NPR and KCRW Santa Monica over the course of 40 years. His monologues, dramas, and improvisations speak to the dreaminess of late-night America, the media of radiowaves and car travel, and the immersive, wayward possibilities of narrative voice itself. Here, we sample eight works (four hours) of short and long length spanning much of his career: specifically his works on (and within) the subject of dreams.

RIP, JF...

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  1. RIP, Joe Frank, your surreal life and monologues, created a art cloud of joy and happiness to those so inclined to listen. Thanks, I used to tune in on Sunday nights to hear his auditory ramblings, so arty, so sublime. He was a beatnik outta time and place somewhere in a noir of the heart.