Monday, 11 December 2017


As many of our posts are beginning to suggest, many dream-makers tend to look eastward. Represented in sound, the patently uncanny logic of dreams often seems to lend itself to the foreign, the exotic, the orientalist. Thus even an album like this one--ostensibly about the Lascaux cave paintings--transforms contemplation of paleolithic life into something both tribal and zen-like. Here, didgeridoos, conch shells, rattles and frame-drums pull a brass and woodwind ensemble into a kind of primal and primativist study of timbre. A beautiful evocation from the fearful, mystical and mystifying youth of our species. (Check our previous Lockwood post here).

We post the 2007 reissue with Floating World (1999), an unprocessed tape-based, sound collage. 1,000 years.

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