Wednesday, 22 November 2017

S1GMUND FREUD / JUL1ANE KÖHLER - TRÄUME UND TRAUMDEUTUNG (Entdeckungen auf der Couch: CD01, 2006)

This recording of the foundational document of modern dream research--The Interpretation of Dreams (1899)--we are assured, offers both German speakers and non-speakers alike good fodder for drifting off. Consultation of the primary source, and its vast seas of commentary, is of course recommended during alert, waking hours.

Interpretive Dreaming...

This 11-CD series, produced on the occasion of Freud's 150th birthday, also features this Christoph Waltz reading of "The Moses of Michelanagelo" (1914), for those who enjoy the voice of this Django/Inglourious Basterds actor.

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