Wednesday, 26 July 2017


"To discourage sensible people" the cover states. A one-off project by Mr. J.P. Massiera and his Horrible Child moniker--a recording with a determinedly singular creative vision. Could best be described with references to radio plays or rock operas. Experiential sonics. Theatre for the ears.

I am often glad when I'm unable to understand lyrics and recorded voice due to language restrictions. Words too often overwhelm, and/or undermine the listening or dreaming session. Here the paranoid, tortured French "libretto" adds to the work, even at its most overly dramatic moments. This amazing album should be commended for its humor as well as its innovative spirit. It should be remembered that the Old English word "dream" had little to with the idea of sleep-time visions, which was a later connotative accretion still under debate by etymologists and historians. Dremen: joy, rejoice, mirth, noisy merriment, music...

That being said, this is let us say a particularly moody kind of mirth music.


  1. I share your enjoyment of unintelligible lyrics: punk bands from Poland or the Czech Republic or whatever are stronger for me than US ones because the spirit comes across more strongly when I can't understand what they're saying. Same thing with global stuff like Tinariwen or Tartit for me; the mood is strengthened by my lack of understanding for the lyrics. Thanks for this and all the great posts here.